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Pouch kit
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Pouch kit
Category: Survival kits
Price: 15.95

The best mid-range survival kit you can probably buy! For those unexpected longer than usual trips in the great outdoors or when an ordinary situation goes a little wrong! In this kit you will find everything you will need to survive.
The pouch kit is designed to fit through your belt and includes the following:

1 Candle
1 sewing kit
1 Emergency whistle
1 Ranger fire flint
1 Book of matches
1 Snare wire
10 Purifying tablets
1 Signal Mirror
1 Emergency sleeping bag
1 Razor blade
1 Smoke signal
1 Foil container
1 Cordage
1 Thunderclap
1 Snare wire
1 Wire saw
1 Snap shut polythene bag
1 Button compass
1 Pencil
1 Full set of instructions

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