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Fire Kit
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Fire Kit
Category: Fire Lighting
Price: £ 8.95

This kit is unlike any other we sell as it has been designed only for the purpose of creating fire! In fact four ways to create fire first of all there are waterproof matches….what fire kit would be without them! Our waterproof matches are totally waterproof and will never let you down.
Secondly there is the famous Starflint fire striker which is good for up to one thousand fires this is the piece of kit I would never be without and is my first choice when starting a fire it is simple and works well I even carry one on my key ring ( because you just never know! )
And now we move on to the more unusual ways of starting a fire..chemical fires! In this kit are two ways of creating fire from chemicals but probably the most unusual is being able to create a fire from a single drop of water!! So no matter where you are and no matter what your situation maybe a fire can be started from a single drop of water/sweat/urine/saliva and lets be honest we all have some of that on us!
Also included is tinder i.e. cottonwool a small candle and full set of instructions.And is packed in a small tobacco tin which will easily fit into your rucksack or glove compartment So now you have no excuse for being out on a hike/hunt/camping/backpacking/caravanning and not have the ability to light a fire probably the most important thing second to water.



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