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Ethanol Fire Gel
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Ethanol Fire Gel
Category: Fire Lighting
Price: 4.25

Box of Ethanol Gel.

This organic based ethanol gel fuel offers key advantages over conventional solid fuels like Hexamine and Trioxane without compromising efficient heat output.The fuel burns with a clean, smokeless and odourless blue flame which does not blacken cooking utensils, flavour food or odorize clothing. It is non-toxic both if inhaled or ingested allowing it to be safely stored with foodstuffs and used in confined spaces. Furthermore, the fuel can be ignited quickly and easily using one of our striker flint or match products.
12 sachets per box
Each sachet leak tested to 80psi
Sachet can be burnt or disposed of without damage to the environment.

Overseas buyers please email me for shipping costs.

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