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Special Forces Survival kit
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Special Forces Survival kit
Category: Survival kits
Price: 49.95

Designed for use by Special and Rapid Reaction Forces. Tailoring to their requirements we produced, a robust selection of components, sealed within the ultimate weather protection.

Olive Green foil vacuum pouch
Black Nylon windowed pouch
Air-tight re-sealable bag
Green plastic survival bag
Mayday signal mirror
Tinder cards
Fine cord (20m)
Sail needles
Needle threader
Wire saw (wrist loops)
Fishing kit
Flexible tubing
Fireball Flint
Hacksaw striker
Brass snares
Suspender clips
Stainless steel multi-tool
Gas lighter
Water bag
Water tablets
Tornado whistle
Weight: 380g (13.5oz)

A Superb piece of Kit for the serious Woodsman /Survivalist/Outdoor Enthusiast.

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