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Combat Survival Kit
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Combat Survival Kit
Category: Survival kits
Price: 8.99

The perfect kit for just about everyone wishing to go camping hiking hunting backpacking etc or just keep in your glove compartment for that unexpected emergency!!! This is our most popular kit for short term adventures and is also the favourite travelling companion with our more adventurous customers where these kits have been used as far a field as Australia!! all the items fit into a handy tobacco size tin which will easily fit into your rucksack,the kit includes the following...

1 Emergency whistle
1 Snare wire
1 Candle
1 book of matches
1 Small Knife
1 Button compass
1 Fishing Set
1 Sewing kit
10 Water purifying tablets
1 Ranger fire flint striker
1 Wire saw
1 Pencil
5 Safety pins
1 Full set of instructions.

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