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Purifying Straw ***Temp Out Of Stock***
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Purifying Straw ***Temp Out Of Stock***
Category: Accessories
Price: 7.50

Water Purifying Aquastraw.

This purifier produces microbiologically safe water from contaminated fresh water supplies,using iodine agent particularly effective in the prevention of amoebic dysentery and other related intestinal infections.
The Aquastraw will purify approximately 50 litres of water.

Remarkable 96% kill rate for bacteria and viruses.
Suck water directly from source or canteen straight through straw.
Approximate length 20cm x 1cm diameter.

Ideal for camping,hunting,hiking or just an emergency situation.
I have used this product in South Africa at small rock pools on various hikes I had been on and the results were very good I used it whenever I was suspect of any water on our trail.
These straws are British made and are used by the British military and military around the world.

Postage and packing for this item is FREE within the British mainland.
Ovseas buyers please email us for shipping costs.
***Temp Out Of Stock***
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