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Alcohol Stove
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Alcohol Stove
Category: cooking
Price: 9.95

Our Best Alcohol Stove the
An Ultra lightweight Soda/Beer Can Side Jet Alcohol Stove for Camping,Backpacking, and Emergency/survival.
Weighs less than 1oz. (0.4oz.)
Needs No Pot Stand!
You set your pot right on top of it!
Note:Not for children, adult supervision required
Each stove is handmade. Aluminium soda and beer cans are used. Each can is cut to exact size by special jigs. Stove bottoms are specially re-sized by special process to fit stove tops with a fit so tight it requires no sealant. Jet holes are drilled with a drill bit and not poked with a pin creating perfect jet holes. Outsides of stoves have a polished aluminium finish for a quality feel and appearance.
Since Alcohol burns at temperatures above 750 degrees F and neither tape nor epoxy can withstand temperatures above 500 degrees, they are not used.
The Stove weighs in at only 0.4oz. (12gms)

You will be simply amazed at how this super efficient and ingenious stove is made from discarded aluminium cans. The Ultimate in recycling!
SIDE JET RIVET stove comes with its own reusable waterproof plastic container for storage or carrying it in.
SIDE JET RIVET stove also comes with a manual that includes: a list of fuels you can use, Information on alcohol stoves, and Instructions.
More thru-hikers use alcohol stoves than any other stove on the Appalachian Trail.
Alcohol Stoves are the Most Versatile, Trouble Free, Easiest to Operate, & lightest stoves there are!
It has no moving parts, nothing to prime or pump up, no gasoline smell or mess, alcohol evaporates when spilled and even mixes with water! Most meals can be cooked with approx.1oz of fuel! It will burn readily available Alcohol. Making it very easy to find fuel virtually anywhere! Not even Coleman can claim that!
Simply Fill and Light the stove in the large top hole. After the flames erupt from the side jets you place your pot on top and you're cooking!
We tried this little stove ourselves on a two week hike in the Appalachian Mountains and without a doubt voted it the best we had ever used, boiling 500ml of water in under five minutes.
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