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We are "Xtremesurvival" and have been established since 1999 selling various outdoor equipment to the general public. 

Recently we have started a small manufacturing side to our business by making our own range of fire starter flints the "Starflint" and "Xtremeflint" and now our brand new "Xtreme magnesium flint" which we supply to the retail trade and general public and we are happy to say that all three have been a huge success. 
Please rest assured that any products purchased from us are of the highest quality and have gone through a maze of tests. Before reaching our website every item has been tested in the field and also tested in other countries including South Africa and the United States. 
If there is any product which you would like but are unable to find anywhere please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our very best to obtain it for you at the best possible price. At "Xtremesurvival" our ethos is simple "Quality and courtesy are the cornerstones on which we build our business" Thank you. Gary Clarke.
Gary Clarke : 

Thanks for using XtremeSurvival.Co.Uk - Visco Fuse Supplier

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